Terms Of Services

Terms Of Use For Real Cash Money

By successful registration, activation and/or using the “Real Cash Money “(REAL CASH MONEY) application, you are completely agreed that you have read, understand & ready to work according this Agreement. Your enrollment conforms to its terms & conditions. In case of Failure to this, your account will be permanently terminated. And you will no longer be eligible to take benefits from any offers and earnings collected in your REAL CASH MONEY wallet. As well as your access is denied from all other linked application with REAL CASH MONEY.

  1. You agree to insert your valid email id with 10-digit mobile number at the time of registration for making your user id. So, for further times you can directly login in your account with your appropriate credentials.
  2. You cannot register with multiple mobile numbers or multiple Email ids from single mobile device. Registering from multi-SIM devices from multiple numbers is strictly prohibited.
  3. You cannot change your register mobile number and Email id in an application (REAL CASH MONEY), once you registered.
  4. REAL CASH MONEY cannot be used with Android Emulators. All devices are being verified at multiple levels during availing the offers. If found to be used with emulators or any kind of other automated system, your account for mobile number and device will be permanently blocked.
  5. REAL CASH MONEY reserves the right to limit withdraw/rewards enrollment at any time.
  6. REAL CASH MONEY is not bounded to any documentary promises with users to provide any particular amount of earning opportunities or send messages to them.
  7. Currently REAL CASH MONEY is providing services to India region only therefore individuals who uses the PAYTM (Third Party Terms & Condition is applicable) in India may enroll in the REAL CASH MONEY application and become beneficiary. REAL CASH MONEY reserves the right to prevent access to its application and its website from mobile number or IP addresses outside of India.
  8. Corporations or other business entities are not eligible to become members.
  9. REAL CASH MONEY registration and its right to use is limited to one individual with single mobile number and associated mobile device. (Any damage to user’s device is an exceptional case in this condition. Admin will be allowed to login in new device once in a life after verifying user’s appropriate proofs).
  10. Users agrees to comply with all the terms of REAL CASH MONEY and its advertiser and partner offers, promotions, programs and third party at all times.
  11. Earning Amount & Rewards are subject to change at any time without notice.
  12. Earning amount will reduce from user’s account when user completes the withdrawal transaction.
  13. After an approved payment, earned amount will not be reinstated to user's app wallet.
  14. For proper withdrawal transaction, users agree to confirm that all information in user's personal profile is up to date and accurate.
  15. No user is allowed to use or create fake ID or provide any fake profile information for earning money against Real Cash Money.
  16. Real Cash Money reserves the right to cancel or disable accounts and forfeit unredeemed earned amount in those accounts that are inactive for a certain period or user may found with any fraud activity.
  17. Real Cash Money reserves the right to change this Agreement, and/or any part thereof, at any time as required by Company Law of India, Indian Government policy, Internet Usage policy, Telecom Regulatory policy, Android usage policy, Real Cash Money Technologies policy. Users understands the most recent version of this Agreement will be located on the Real Cash Money website or mobile application in the user services area under terms & conditions.
  18. Real Cash Money reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Real Cash Money service with or without notice to the User.
  19. Real Cash Money has tied up with third-party to facilitate withdrawal of points into real money for user’s account. Real Cash Money is not liable or guarantee of instant amount withdrawal against third-party’s terms of use.
  20. Privacy Policy: Real Cash Money promises to maintain the privacy of user’s personal information. The full extent of our commitment can be found by visiting our Privacy Policy.
  21. Convenience fee: Real Cash Money is Completely free at every stage of earning in an application. Real Cash Money do not charge via any mode for any availability.
  22. Real Cash Money gifting feature: Real Cash Money reserves the right to modify the service or its part thereof. The service will be available only for Real Cash Money users.
  23. In case of an unfortunate event that Real Cash Money ceases to exists due to any unforeseeable condition, its hereby notified to the users that Real Cash Money will not be liable to pay to any individual (user) for any feature, service or part thereof. User indemnifies Real Cash Money from any dues whatsoever in such unfortunate event.
  24. Rewards & Redemption: The reward points given to Real Cash Money users can only be redeemed for mobile application into associated third-party app. Points are not redeemable towards cash transaction. All such points given to the users are just the cost towards company's business promotion.
  25. Links: Real Cash Money has not reviewed all of the sites & promoting apps linked to its website and mobile application is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Real Cash Money application. Use of any such linked website is at the user's own risk.